Is Your Bucket Overflowing?

The bucket analogy goes something like this…We each have a different toxic load that our bodies can handle – this is your bucket. Some peoples buckets may be smaller or larger, depending on certain factors like age and genetics.

Usually when we are young, we can put a lot into our bucket without too many consequences and bounce back quickly. However, years of bad diet, lack of sleep, too much stress and too many medications can start chipping away at those reserves allowing your bucket to start overflowing. Add in our environmental exposure to heavy metals, pesticides, plastics, mold, and other toxins and it can be enough to overwhelm your system.

Our bodies detoxifying organs….the lungs, liver, skin, lymph, bowels and kidneys must filter out all these toxins and if they become overwhelmed and can’t keep up….the trouble starts and symptoms start manifesting!

Now we have symptoms that start overflowing and interfering in our lives…

Resistant weight gain, hormonal imbalances, joint pain, skin rashes, headaches, allergies, GI problems, autoimmune issues, and other signs of chronic inflammation. Sound familiar?

Time to help your body become more efficient! You can decrease your total body burden and improve the way it’s handling its toxic load through detoxification and elimination! Here is how!

  • Hydrate….We all know that CLEAN water is critical. Use a water filter if possible. STOP drinking out of plastic water bottles! Plastics are a xenoestrogen and disrupt your hormonal balance.
  • Avoid plastic in general….DO NOT microwave food in plastic! The BPA’s and phthalates leech into food.
  • Buy organic produce when possible to avoid pesticides
  • Switch to safe household cleaners and detergents
  • Do a beauty detox…switch to Aluminum Free Antiperspirant, Use the Think Dirty App to check the safety rating of make-up brands, and other skin products like sunscreen
  • Stay away from the SAD Diet (Standard American Diet) which is loaded with fried foods (trans-fats) and sugar. Clear your pantry of oils like Canola which are highly inflammatory and switch to Avocado, Coconut and Olive Oils.
  • Look for meats that are labeled free of growth hormones and steroids
  • Don’t eat fake foods…skip the fake sugars, margarines, GMO’s
  • Change air filters frequently
  • Minimize prescription drug use if possible
  • Sweat! One of the ways your body detoxifies is through sweating! Infrared saunas are another amazing way to help your body get rid of toxins!
  • Get enough sleep! This is when your body is repairing itself!
  • Stay regular so your body can eliminate waste easily! Eat plenty of fiber-rich foods and remember Magnesium is an amazing mineral to help with this!
  • Avoid exposure to pesticides through food, drinks, and your environment.
  • Give your liver some love with herbs like Milk Thistle (Silymarin) and Dandelion Root. These herbs can help protect your liver and boost efficiency!


    • kpark

      Hi Missy!
      Infrared Saunas use a spectrum of light that we perceive as heat and because it penetrates deeper than heat from regular saunas it can help mobilize and burn fat. Because many of the toxins we absorb are surrounded and trapped by fat, it is an highly effective way to detoxify your body! Yay! Some of the other benefits are relief from sore muscles, relief of joint pain, decreased blood pressure and improved circulation, clear and tighter skin, relaxation, and mood elevating benefits. A google search of Infrared Spas in your area will let you know where they are available! xoxo

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